Rolex Blackwater Ghost's Brothers - No Valentine Blackwater Ghosts

The history of the Blacksmith's life In fact, the history of the history of the Blackstone devil than the calendar version of the fake rolex watches Blackwater Ghost's long (this is actually nonsense, no history is swiss replica watches certainly better than before), and many classic models are no calendar. Like the first SUB Ref.6204, the first 007 wearing the Ref.6538, there are stereotypes Ref.5512 and so are the Rolex collectors in the hands of non-sale. And the calendar version was released until 1965. Calendar Rolex Blackwater Ghost's launch, to meet the needs of the vast majority of consumers. It's too easy to have a calendar. And therefore, no history of Rolex Blackwater ghosts only become a small number of fabulous heart good, in a large consumer environment, no calendar version can not compete with the calendar version. The previous generation of Rolex Blackwater Ghost is a very familiar generation, but more people remember the 16610, but do not remember 14060. More people know the CAL.3135 good quality, but do not remember CAL.3000 to CAL.3130 changes. Only the real Rolex black water ghost watch fans will remember all. 2010 launched a new Rolex Blackwater ghost, we cheered to meet the more innovative, more young, more beautiful, more solid 116610LN, but few people mentioned once the "take the lead brother" - The Only faithful Rolex black water ghost watch fans are still looking forward to, so 2012, it is also dressed in the latest attire to the front, continue to inherit the essence of Rolex Blackwater ghosts. No history of Rolex Blackwater Ghost - 114060 No history of Rolex Blackwater ghost is more like Rolex Blackwater ghost market segmentation of the product, all of which are out of a withdrawal, the same 40mm watch diameter, 300M waterproof, 904 steel and ceramic diving outer ring , The only difference is only 3 o'clock the calendar window. Movement is also roughly the same, without a trace of the devil ghost loaded CAL.3130 movement, also has the Observatory certification, the same assembly Parachrom gossamer, the difference is only a little calendar structure.